Japan tests innovative magnetic tether for slowing space junk

Japanhaslaunchedacargoship whichwilluseahalfmile-(700m)-longtethertoremovesomeofthe vastamountofdebrisfromEarth'sorbit. Thetether,madeofaluminiumstrandsand…


Medical Advice' Stopped McGuinness China Trip

Medical Advice,McGuinness China Trip…


HIV 'game-changer' now on NHS

AdrugthatdramaticallyreducestheriskofbeinginfectedwithHIVwillnowbegiventopatientsbytheNHSinEngland. The healthservicelostacourtbattleinthesummerafterarguin…


'Fatal' flaws found in medical implant software

Securityflawsfoundin10differenttypesofmedicalimplantscouldhave"fatal"consequences,warnresearchers. Theflawswerefoundintheradio-basedcommunicationsusedtoupd…


100 Women 2016: Fighting for a good death

Fighting for the poor health care system.…


Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

With its unprecedented throughput, scalability, and speed, next-generation sequencing enables researchers to study biological systems at a level never before po…


2016 China Househeld Medical Devices Industry Development Report

Home medical equipment mainly suitable for the public use which outside the hospital can be safety and reliable, simple operation, small volume, convenient to c…


What’s the Medical Devices Packing Logo Actually Mean?

As a medical equipment company, we not only need to consider how to marketing the products and meet the customer requirements, but also need to make sure that o…



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